Haverstock School, London

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Services: Print design

Haverstock School Calendar, 2005 – 2017

Oakshed was introduced to Haverstock School through Lucy Jo Brown and we started a collaborative project of Lucy’s photography and Oakshed’s design to create a promotional school calendar. Over the years, the school has got more involved, including their own students work together with that of the Head of Photography. Each year the calendar has a theme that runs through. It also includes all the multicultural religious dates for the calendar year.

“For the past thirteen years Hanna has designed the Haverstock School calendar based on the photos and images that we produce in school. Every year the calendar has a different theme and she has managed always to capture the essence of each month’s picture through her wonderful use of colour and her very individual design sense. She prepares the layout including appropriate festivals and dates that she researches herself, liaises with the printers to get the best possible deal for us and always delivers on time. She makes what could otherwise be a complicated and time consuming project run very smoothly, and the result is always superb. Many people have commented on how striking and original the calendars are. We would not consider working with anyone else!”

John Dowd, Headteacher (2000-2017), Haverstock School