St Martin’s Watersports

Services: Website

St Martin’s Watersports is located in the idyllic Isles of Scilly and offer Kayak and SUP hire from the Island of St Martin’s

Following the initial logo design by illustrator Jenny Nightingale, I was commissioned to create a website to allow St Martin’s Watersports to promote their business online.

St Martin’s Watersports website

The website provides information about St Martin’s Watersports’s equipment available to hire, details about accessibility, the hire areas, prices and FAQs. It was initially built as a scrolling website, although later updated to work as separate pages. Using the established brand colours, the website uses the beautiful location of the Isles of Scilly heavily in the image content.

January 2021 update – introduction of the integrated online booking system, allowing customers to now book their equipment online for their chosen dates. 



I’m speechless, it looks absolutely incredible! Can’t believe that this is my website! 

Anna Cawthray, Owner of St Martin’s Watersports